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Daniel Shires and the Multiverse

Daniel Shires and the Multiverse is a Science Fiction/Adventure novel by WC Brown about inter-dimensional travel to alternate worlds.

Daniel Shires Book Cover

Ten-year-old Daniel Shires has made an amazing discovery. What will happen when his investigation leads him to a parallel universe and its strange version of Earth?

His sister Madison loves to make things. She has her brother, a fearless soul - and more than one secret.

When intelligent beings are born, the three invisible tethers that hold them to their universe are without twists or tangles. As they learn to crawl, walk, and move through their world, each turn adds one more twist. With every new twist, they become more tightly anchored to the universe which they call home. Every few hundred years, completely at random, an extremely fortunate individual manages to stay completely untwisted. This can only happen by tediously reversing every movement which might twist the lines. Daniel Shires is one of these rare individuals - and he is about to meet another.

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The three spatial dimensions which most people regard as the entirety of the universe are but a small part of reality. Since prehistory, people have wondered if there was more to the universe.

In 1952, Erwin Schrödinger posited that different histories were not alternatives, but rather, happened simultaneously. In 1957, Hugh Everett refined this and gave mathematical rigor to the idea that each time a random event occurred, the single universe split into two - one universe where the event happened and one where it didn’t. Since that time, many have debated whether the decisions we make switch the path of our futures or whether free-will is an illusion and there is only one universe in which we move, unable to alter our paths. I now have evidence that Schrödinger and Everett were correct.

My colleague Madison Shires recently discovered that imparting a magnetic field to two pieces of metal temporarily connected in a particular way produces what seem to be magnetic monopoles; one south and one north. In fact, these are not two monopoles but a single dipole connected by at least one, possibly several higher dimensions. They can be relocated anywhere in our familiar three dimensions and remain connected in a way similar to entangled photons.

Physical proximity to one of these magnets enhances the visibility of what I am calling “Dimension Lines.” These three lines are the invisible force which anchors each of us to our universe. The lines become visible in the presence of a monopole magnet described above and become brighter as the lines become untwisted. During our daily routines, we make dozens of turns. Each of these makes a twist to the “Dimension Lines.” Through the use of a monopole magnet, I have managed to untwist all three of my lines. The magnets allow me to see not just the lines in this universe, but those of closely neighboring universes overlaid upon ours, making them appear brighter. After a poorly conducted experiment, I have traveled to one of these alternate universes. It is my opinion that I have skipped past all the similar worlds and landed in one that is radically different. I believe that the similar universes, where nearly everything is the same, are all around us and we pass through them every day without noticing. This explains the phenomenon of hearing a voice in an empty room - as well as the Mandela Effect where large numbers of people vehemently argue that an event occurred when it quite provably did not.

Title: Daniel Shires and the Multiverse

Genre: Fiction / Science Fiction / Children 9+

Author: WC Brown

Status:  Manuscript      Editing      Cover Art

Available: Q4 2018


*Parental warning: This story contains violence that some parents may find inappropriate for children under the age of 9.

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